10 Things Every Girl Must Have In Her Wardrobe.

Every lady must have this 10 things because it just goes on to give you the perfect stylish look. lets see them!!!

1.  Ballet flat shoes: the first thing i recommend that every girl must have is a ballet shoe.well to start with!! i cant even imagine a ladies wardrobe without these!!! there perfect goes with any dress,more comfortable than heels and stylish!!!

2. white tee: This is a must have on every girls list if you dont have one then you should hurriedly purchase one.its very handy and it goes with just anything!! it could be with jeans,skirts,under sweaters just name it!!! finding the right tee might be difficult be a free,not-too-tight options are the perfect ones to wear that goes with just any style.!!

3. Ripped jeans: This is definitely one of every ladies must have. ripped jeans over the years has become one of the most demanded fashion trends now and it is perfect for the friendly,casual dresses you wear for friendly get together and shopping events name it.its stylish and can even be worn to the office! that all depends on how its worn.

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4. Ankle Strap Heels:  favorite of the Clickless team, ankle strap heels are very much in style right now. The height of the heel can vary, but the one common denominator is the strap that goes around the ankle, making the heels more secure and comfortable to walk in. plus they just go with any kind of dress especially on a sexy gown!!

5. Quartz Wrist Watch: This is one of the most important and handy thing every girl must have, its very little but it helps you keep up with your time and it also adds a touch of elegance and smartness to every style and dress whatsoever!!

6. A Neutral Tote bag: A handy tote bag is a large bag which would carry a large number of items like,laptop,change clothes,for multiple daily schedule that requires you to change your clothes. a timeless color like black or nude is enough for years.

7. The peacoat:  The peacoat is nothing short of a shining star in the realm of outerwear, what with its tailored double-breasted styling and classic-contemporary charm. You can wear it with everything from a suit to sneakers, as it has the innate power to simultaneously smarten up a casual look or make formal attire considerably more hip. Even better? The pea coat is generally lightweight enough to still be appropriate for the more temperate fall season before the full briskness of winter strikes, making it a great transitional piece for your wardrobe.

8. Jewelries: this includes the statement necklaces, ear stud, earrings,rings,bracelets and anklets. they are infact fashions most trendy demands now,coming in different styles and designs. all with the same attribute to promote beauty and style elegance. you could use matching accessories with just any kind of dress and look glamorous.

9. Makeup: all your style and elegance is never perfect without a little make-up on. this is the sensitive part of beauty that most girls never get right and the choice of make-up for every style is a tricky aspect. the right makeup takes a while to become a pro. visit our makeup do's and don't tips if you want to know the things you do wrong when using your makeup.

10. Off Shoulder Dresses: if you like to show off some skin, step into the off shoulder dress, it just perfect.These bare your collar bones and shoulders, with sleeves either across your arms or no sleeves at all. When going for such a dress, you can try any bold neck piece to flaunt your collar bone area.

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