Simple Daily Skin Routine For Dry Skin.

our skin needs to properly be taken care of especially during winter when the weather becomes dry and rough. many products are available for dry skins but the problem is not with the products or skin types.But sometimes its because the inappropriate skin care routine that is not properly followed,this result in poor skin quality.

So we have decided to bring to you some of our secret skin routine that we have practice for years now and have seen great improvement, which we believe would definately work for you.... we have decided to simplify this by divided into three parts 

1). early face ritual
      This simply means our early morning face cleansing. This a very important part of our skin routine especially for our aware of the facts that many blogs has been written and published on various skin care routine.But not many people emphasize on the importance of face wash. For dry skin its still extremely important that absolute attention is given to face wash and cleaning. 
      Firstly never use cold water to wash face this is because it constricts pores and when this happens chances of developing pimples is at higher chance. 
    Secondly, use grape water . Ohh yeah! this works perfectly because its an awesome facial mist product,100% grape water plus its refreshing and hydrating which is very good for dry skins.
    lastly, rinse face properly and a Do not forget to apply your moisturizer, allow on your face for about 5 minutes before you apply make up or any other product you might want to apply thereafter.

2).  Mid-day face magic.
     This is one of our most efficient,quick and easy face routine that leaves your face as moisturized as ever any where in no time!!. well this is because its related to the basic thing we never think about.
    Firstly, never forget to carry your moisturizer,clean face towel,lip balm and mineral foundation recommended for dry skin. you simply just apply your moisturizer quickly, or your mineral foundation if your face needs a little bit of make up. dont forget to apply your lip balm on your lips before your lipstick this keeps your lips moisturized and sexy!!!
      Secondly, your meals could also be a predominant cause of your dry skin. few years ago we decided to watch our diets and we were amazed at how much result we got. well veggies,fruits and yogurts are very good natural antioxidants and moisturizers. also never forget to drink lots of water!!! this is the best and most important hydrating agent.

3). Night Ritual.
     Firstly this is one of the moments i look forward to because i get to spend a good quality of time on my facial routine. 
     Firstly i use my Gentle Cleansing Milk. i apply this of course after i take off my makeup,its a lovely light weight product,very moisturizing as well.It can also be used in the morning as well.
     Secondly,i either use a second face cleanser or i just go for my Glycolic Peel Mask. one of our major night treatment. its an AHA-based products.its an acid exfoliate and help reduce hyper-pigmentation on skin. we use it more because its gentle,cream based and effective as well.
   Thirdly, we use Vinoperfect Radiance Serum. one of our most expensive facial skin products costs about $70 but its final results is very satisfying. this serum recommended for dry skin is aimed at correcting dark spots and enhancing skin radiance and charm. try it!!
     Lastly,my precious and favorite overnight oils vinosource night recovery oil. expensive but its effect can never be underrated, it rocks the moisture back to our faces and keeps the skin it hydrates my skin and makes it look more radiant and healthy.
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