7.09.2017 United States

Okay, now come on girls! who said we can't be successful! success is a whole lot deeper and bigger than what we think.

 Before telling most of you guys something, and tip on how to achieve success, there are a few things you need to know.

1: A successful woman,becomes a voice.
2: A successful woman makes a name for herself and family as well.
3: A Successful woman earns respect that she deserve.
4: A successful woman becomes a boss.
5: A successful becomes a leader and pillar as well.

 okay, now that you know who a successful woman is ,its time for you to know what investment you need to makes as a woman to be successful.
Greatest investment is you,yourself and again yourself.
well, here are 4 investment to keep in mind.

1: Dont even try to stop

 if you know you going to start anything and not finish ,just don't even start it at all .yeah! don't feel offended or feel bad about it but that's reality! if your mom didn't want to have you,she would never have had sex to have you! its that simple.

 Make up your mind to start something and finish it till the end! If you want to start a fashion blog or a business, and you don't know how to do it or how to even start,don't be afraid to ask.

Research,study,gain more knowledge about what exactly you want to do,it doesn't matter what it is ,there are some people somewhere in the world doing the same thing. 

Join groups,forums,ask question you can even Take free courses as well as paid courses. Spending even a little money for getting to your goal doesn't hurt. It is very easy and puts you through the step by step process of starting your blog,business and career. It is even as low and inexpensive as $5-10.

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2:Treat your body the right way

 if you want to be be successful ,you'll want to be address properly, you don't want to be looking like a "mugget" (really that was a joke).you would want to be looking perfect,sexy, even if your fat ,look the right "fat".

Don't be discouraged, be motivated! Do what you think is best but right for you.if you think your too fat,try and lose some weight. Go out there buy makeup,try something different, try to eat something different, wear something different. Don't be normal ,be wild ..explore! But don't over do it.

And her is the better part ,do you know that your body is one of the greatest investment? Most men have realised this importance, and if you do realise it as well and know how to carefully work it out. You would definitely have your man hooked like a glue. 

And trust me if this doesn't work you can get back to me and say it didn't work! But its got to.

Honestly, 2years ago,nobody really liked me because I was never attractive and I didn't care bout my body ,I didn't take care of my pimples I looked rough. But somehow i changed and when I look at the mirror this day I say to my self " damn,you d hottest,sexiest girl alive" yeah,and I don't need nobody telling me. That's how things should be!

3:Invest in a great piece

 This is as important as saying prayers when you wake up in the morning.Now,one question for you.

Have you ever seen a successful woman dressed in rags? your answer would probably be "Hell no". well, hell no! a successful woman looks great always! you dont want to treat your body the right way and afterward,treat it the wrong way by dressing terrible.

You've got to have in mind that not every store you walk into has the right quality things,clothes,jewelry or make up. 

And even if they do the question is are they right for you? Do they suit well? Is the colour the right one for you? Does it fit for your body type or even size ? You've got to check this things. Buy from trusted people and company as well as a place where you can find exactly what fits for you.

Here's where you can shop my style!

4: Walk into it

Walk into what? walk into great opportunities that you find,if you see any opportunity what taking,seize it! or someone else would snatch it away from you! it only comes once!
  well, i hope you really like this post.

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