This is not true! oh yes it is sweedy! we went from zero to growth! And we am still growing!

we seriously started this blog on the on the 25th of this month! so it isn't even one month yet but lets just say it is because it'l will be soon. 

we got over 10 thousand page-views in less than a month of blogging and it is not like we did it on my own,or like i have the power to do it on my own it is because i have God and you guys! It was possible for those to reasons and i am grateful to you all for helping me get this far!

To celebrate this Good happening i will be giving out free blog planner to those of you interested!


Before some people think that i am lying, or maybe this post is just to get people to come to my site, i want to first say that everything i will be saying here is the truth and it is going to have proof to back up my story. But before that we need to talk some real S**t!

I did not fly all the way from 0-10k in one hour/day! Nobody has, so that means you also cant! Am sorry if that hurts but its the truth! i only love to tell the bitter truth. You cant go to school and get an A+ in your first day of school! it is never possible! you need to first go to school,study hard,take test and exams,then you can get an A+. It is the same for blogging.

I worked very hard to get 10k views it didnt happen in one day, it took me time before i started seeing results!

This is proof !


well, i started. started what? My blog. if you are reading this maybe you stumbled upon this post and you dont even have a blog, m just thinking, how do you want to get page views when you dont even have a blog?

You need to have a Blog and not just having your blog you need to get everything right with your blog. When you have done all of this only then will people start coming to your site and then they will start to engage and before you know it your page view will increase drastically.

If you just come across this and maybe you are thinking of starting your own blog, then you have no need to worry because i have written a full post that will teach you how to start your own blog even if you are broke and dont have money!

Now if you are going to start your own blog on either bloggers (free) then dont even start your blog then because the real deal begins when you host your site! If you are self hosted then you will have control over your blog and also be in charge of SEO! Because SEO is what gives you the traffic that you dream of! 

You need to be self -hosted to go far! To get loads of traffic being self-hosted means you get the traffic you want!I highly recommend Bluehost. Everybody and their fathers are hosted with Bluehost! I am not being biased here,remember all i do here is being transparent! But bluehost is just the best,you wont know what we are talking about until you are hosted with them.

If you already have a blog and you are not getting the same result as me or even better than me then it is not your blog that is at fault it is clearly you! 

Why me? it is because you have failed to the right thing that will help you grow your blog!


You need to ask yourself a few questions and you need to find answers to them as well

i made you a free checklist! This will keep you going and help you so that you can see the same result.

Download Your Free Checklist For Blog

That checklist i made has everything you need to have right before you can have the same result am having!

What i did! 

This brings us back to social media!

I wrote a full blog post about this! and i dont know how else to make people see that everything you are looking for, from starting your blog,making 30,000$ to Getting massive traffic from your blog is through social media!

You dont have to use every social media out there. Its not even possible to use all of them because there are so many social media out there and you cant achieve great result if you are confused. Choose atleast 5-10 social media and work constantly with them.

If you dont know what social media is best for you you dont have to worry : See the 10 social media that i use to grow my blog! You can see what i use and maybe decide which one you would love to start using and if you already have social media that you are using that isn't listed there ild love to know ! I dont want to be missing out! 

One thing is to find the right social media another thing is to be able to use social media to build an audience and drive traffic to your blog You need the two to be able to make it work! And if you do this two right you will get more results!

Facebook Groups:
This is so so efficient,you just need to post based on the thread and reciprocate for others to do the same for your own post. Are you confused? well i just really cant tell you what its all about But some of you understand what am talking about. This is what i do to get most of the traffic you see!

The best part of joining this groups is that they are filled with bloggers of all kind and this bloggers are most supportive people that you can find. They support you by sharing your post,commenting and also recommending you to brands.

Join the Badass Blog Squad Group that i created! Promote your blog there,find bloggers that are ready to collaborate with you and find brands! 

Pinterest Boards Group:
To tell you the truth, i have been living under the rock for two years! Can you imagine that i created my Pinterest account 2 years ago and from then till last month i had only 4 followers! It is not until recently that i started working hard to gain followers and i gain over a 100 followers in 1 month! I was only able to do it with the help of Pinterest board!

I joined several Pinterest board that is related to my blog topics and i Repinned my pins to this board and most people repined it ! that is how i was also able to gain so much!

Am thinking of creating a pinterest board, what do you guys think ? tell me in the comment section what you think and if you would be interested in joining.

There isnt much to it! All the secret tips i have just told u: The secret is social media!

When i publish my post i post them on my social media account then go over to posting them on facebook groups and Pinterest board groups!

Thats it guys! That my secret try it for a week and come back nd tell me what you think! if it worked for you!




 yeah! we got accepted by google adsense and we are happy about it! 

Some of you will be like so what? but you have no idea how much this means to me! 

we recently got accepted by adsense and we did not get accepted because it was easy to, it just God who loves me and showed me mercy !🤩🤩🤩 

DISCLAIMER: This post contains affiliate links,that means if you do click on it or go through my personal link i will earn a little commission for you doing that!This does not in anyway change our opinion,all opinion expressed here are own own!

we know many people who till today have not gotten accepted by google adsense yet and they are bloggers for 2-3 years!

Hold on! before we moved into the main thing of what we did to get accepted by google adsense, there is something we didn't tell you . we got rejected by Google adsense 5 times! we mean like 5 disgusting,annoying times!

When we got rejected by google, we really lost hope! we were so angry and frustrated that we both wanted to just give the whole thing up! At that point we questioned ourselves, we asked ourselves silly stupid question that we both had no answers to.

But you know what?

We even started to question if we were doing things right. we even thought that our contents were one of the reasons why we weren't being accepted. But its a lie .

To get accepted by google adsense you need to have a blog! Because you need a blog in order to apply for google adsense if you don't have a blog well you need to create one for yourself!

Read: How To Start A Blog Even If You Are Broke!

But there is one question... why did we still get rejected by google adsense even after starting my blog? we'll answer that, keep reading!

Anybody can start a blog, but our advice to you is don't start it if you are not passionate about it and do not start it simply because you want to get accepted by google or because you want to make money .. please dont because you will be trashed!🙊

Our site looked like shit then so google looked at it and was like "trash her" we were trashed 5 times!

If you do not want to be trashed,you need to make some corrections to your blog just like we did and next time google comes around they would send you that long awaited mail you've been waiting for!

>Get your blog right!:

we wrote a blog post about this, why do you think we did that? we did it because no matter what you do if your blog looks like shit, you wont get accepted.

"But some people have shitty blog get accepted"? yes its true. some people with shitty blog get accepted by adsense and if they did get accepted then it is luck!

But what if my blog is right? Then its has got to be some other reasons!

There's a bog post that can answer that question. we put up a blog post about it so you should go and check that out!

READ: How to get it right with your blog!

Getting your blog right includes a lot of thing, when we applied for google adsense we didn't have a domain and we could not even afford host it but we just had to manage that.

>Get Yourself A Domain And Be Self Hosted:

You might be asking yourself "Can I not just apply for google adsense without doing all of the hosting and domain stuff? yeah you can but you may end up getting rejected after waiting for over 3-5 months! if you start a blog, you need to have been blogging for at least 6 months before you can be accepted by google adsense.

So that means you will blog for 6 months straight without earning any penny except of course you plan on earning from other source like affiliate marketing and all.If you have a domain and you are self hosted the whole thing takes less than a month! 

We launched my blog on the 25th of January 2018, we applied two days after launching my blog, and on the 6th of February we got accepted by Google adsense so it took google 2 weeks! and we got accepted! For some people it works faster it doesn't even take 2 days!

Once you get your domain and your site hosted you can now apply and also pray, We got our own domain and also hosting Bluehost . we have never for one day had regrets about this! Getting our domain was wonderful but hosting our domain with Bluehost was AMAZING!

You can just get a domain and still apply! If you have only a domain you will need it connect it with your free-hosted site and then apply! Once you apply you will get accepted in due time!

You will need to search if your domain have been taken : you can search for it here!

You Need Content: You will need to have contents not much content but you can have like 5-10 contents on your site . Don't kill yourself over it! because if you have a domain and you are hosted it really doesn't count . But you can not take the risk because someone might have contents on their site and get accepted and you may not! so it all depends just don't be a risk-taker.... just have contents!

Do you need to have privacy policy and disclaimer?

Well as for that one we really don't know how that works but as for what worked for us we did not have to write any of those on our site! we honestly think that the privacy policy thing does not count as their first-hand degree criteria in accepting blog sites for google adsense. If you know what we mean. But what's important is that you include some sorta disclaimer on post that contains affiliate link like we did.

You can always google and find answers regarding this. For us, we didn't have one and we really don't think its necessary for approval by google adsense.
>Add pages:

You need to have pages on your site. we mean pages like your about me, contact me, etc Google looks at this and its very important because google wants to know who you and what your blog or business is all about.

Avoid other ad network!:

While waiting for adsense to accept your site. you don't want to be using other ads network, if google adsense comes around and finds out that you are using other ads network they will most likely not accept you! So if you want to get accepted just save yourself the stress by not working with other ads network.

This is what we did to get accepted by google adsense!

Well, this will be all for today! we would love to know what your story is! How hard was it for you to get accepted by google adsense? Do you have a tip to share with others well tell us all in the comment section!





I admit! 

I am scared and shy! but i just need to do it!

There is something i have been wanting to tell you guys! il tell you first before moving ahead!

I have never been so scared of taking pictures except that today i was! I am a person who cares alot about how i look,how people see me. i worry to much about what others think of me and forget that i need to first love myself before others can learn to love me the way i am!

I was always scared of coming out in the open but i guess i have no choose. I met someone named Kerona when i came across a blog post on her blog where she wrote about her struggle with life and what living life with only one kidney feels like, i saw the way she lived her life,keeping it simple and being unique in her own way.

I reached out to her,I talked to her about how hard it is for me to come out in the open and she told me that i just have to start ! No matter how bad ,ugly or unprofessional i just have to start! 

So i got up early this morning and decided that i was just going to start! I dont care if its ugly,bad or unprofessional il start anyways. That is where this idea came from! The idea of creating this different looks.

Please dont judge me !🙈


Its a very simple style i created.


  1. Denim jacket
  2. orange tee
  3. black jeans 
  4. sneaker
Thats all, just 4 items!


The title says it all! Here all you have to do is keep it nice and simple! Whatever kind of shirt you want to use or jean you want to wear, you just need it to look simple and still beautiful. You can wear this anywhere you want. But not really a good idea to wear such for parties or big occasion!


 Another cool way to do this baby! You can tuck it in the front a little, and let the back be you can also put a denim jacket over this. if you want to, can put it on or just leave it over your shoulders. whichever way does the magic,go with it!


If you can tuck it in front,Why cant you tuck it at the side? Makes sense to you huh? well yeah! you can still loosely tuck it in by the side,you can choose whatever side,left or right is up to you. Anyway you do it it will still look gorgeous on you trust me.


I know i styled this wrongly but right at the same time the right way........??? Didn't make sense right? (lol) Anyways am trying to say that this look needs a little more to it and i noticed it after taking the pictures. Its a belt!

I forgot to use a belt with this look but i still think you can create use this look with or without a belt but if you try it and you think a belt will be better off then cool! you can go ahead do it your way you can use a small belt or a bold one. its your decision.


Trust me i didn't know what to name this look, i just came up with the "be sexy look" and i think that its whats perfect to name it. I do admit that this look is sexy! it fits perfectly!

You can tie this at any side you like right,left or center it should still make you look sweet and hot! you can be wear a jacket with it as well! 


I talked about the denim,denim, denim and forgot that there was no look created with me having the denim look! Here is one!

PS:This particular picture is not edited ,so i dont look good but its all about transparency right? you all should see me clear and without makeup🙈🙈 

You can shop for this look here! 

Well thats it! Am done and over with it! How do you like the way i created different looks using few items? Tell me what you think of my look!



10 most powerful social media that i use to grow my blog.

Social media! social media! social media! 

It is very powerful its like it has got some magic or some kind-off spirit that just draws people towards it.

ok, wait a minute! what i want to let you know may not work for you if there is something wrong with your blog. if everything about your blog is right then you can move on and continue reading. But if you feel that there is something you are not getting right with your blog,or something is off bout it

I suggest you read this first: GET IT RIGHT WITH YOUR BLOG! 

Read that first then you can move on to reading this.

if you have ever heard of social media,well i just dont know what your life looks like right now. if you have heard of it before you probably have registered yourself to one already.

if you haven't..........i dunno !

Everybody has been talking about social media and all and you think that they dont have a point? 

if you are not using social media,you may only be having 50 people on your blog every month,if you are reading this and you disagree with me ,just tell me what it is that i did wrong to you(lol) down the comment section.

I dont know how else to tell you but social media is so powerful that it can either bring about your downfall or your up-liftment. yeah! you heard me, if you use social media for the wrong reasons, you will fall and i mean you will go down hard! And i doubt you will be able to recover and get back up.But if it is for the right reason, then yeah! you will see positive result.

You can always learn how to use social media to build your audience and for the right reason. 

But you have a blog, and this blog is just hanging there and getting no progress at all and you want to step it up,you want to to see engagement and want to get views and all, there is one way to go about it and it is using the power of social media.

Ill be telling you the top 10 most powerful social media that i use, everybody grand-mother in the blogging world has and is still using.

We grouped it into two categories that is the 5 basic and 5 other!

                                                           THE 5 BASIC 

1: Facebook

This social media is bam! bam! bam! that is why it is first. ill tell anybody that ask me the same thing. Facebook has 2 Billion people ! and millions of people active in a day! yes you heard me well, it is not a million we talking billions! 

so it is no joke,the best way to make good use of facebook is by having or creating a page or a group.Having a page for your blog is very good and important because you can do promotions,get sales,get people to visit your blog. 

Before i forget you can join our fun group and page as well, we do  giveaways for members active participation so i want you to be part of it! but before that i have a little gift for you :

You can use the free social media planner that i created and i use to grow my social media audience 10x faster

2: Google +

You dont want to be playing with this social media,infact i just need only this app to get over 400 visitors to my blog and it also impact search engine ranking to my site! yes! that is why you need to be on it as well. some people say that it is boring and outdated but sweedy if outdated and boring is what will get you to rank,you better be rolling with it! 

3: Twitter:

Tweet! Tweet! Tweet! Everyone loves twitter ,and if you dont then you better start. i personally didn't like twitter but i realized i was missing a lot when i found out that twitter is basically the place where bloggers meet up,that is where you meet other bloggers of like mind as well.

if you using twitter already you probably already know that #hashtag is your way foward am starting to love it so  join in on the fun ! if you are a blogger or anyone else reading this we would love to connect with you on twitter.

Follow us on twitter

4: Instagram:

I love Instagram! And i know i your heart that you do! Instagram is so addictive in a positive and negative way it all depends on you and what you are looking for there . I love visuals and Instagram gives me lot of that but most importantly it allows your post get through to lot of people .

Gaining lots of followers on Instagram is not easy but you can do it if you put work to it i was able to get over 500 followers in one day and i am not telling you lies on this one.

why dont you join one of our classes where i will help you gain 500+ real and active followers on your Instagram in 72 hours and teach you how you can put Instagram to good use as well as Top 5 ways you can earn money from your Instagram .

Take course now for just 8$ .Join now!

5: Pinterest:

You have read about it,bloggers have all been talking about it and you are convinced that it has got to be the hottest thing on the web. well you are correct. if you haven't heard about it or you haven't started using it ..........i wont say u have been sleeping under the rocks because i have been sleeping under the rocks as well i just woke up this year 2018!

Pinterest is like an online pinboard where you collect multimedia mostly images,it is a place where you can add your links and images .people like Pauline cabrera the owner of the blog Twelveskip get their major traffic from pinterest alone ! so join now before its too late !

But at least follow your girl ! My pinterest

                                                        THE 5 OTHER. 

1: Youtube:

Do you go on YouTube to search for things like why do you have acne on your face like me? yeah am sure you do! YouTube is a place where you go to and find answers to almost everything you searching for.

YouTube is powerful because most people connect with what they see! it is not so easy to convince people to do something but if you step it up by making videos and uploading it on YouTube it will be easier to make people list to you<and convince them to take an action.

why is it so? Because most of them are there for the money,few of them are there to share good and useful information,the rest of them are there for all the wrong reasons. YouTube pays well but also it is a place where you can find people to connect with,people who inspire or offer you something valuable.

Many bloggers are on YouTube but some bloggers are just starting out on YouTube! they are starting to use YouTube because they now know how powerful YouTube can be! as you use YouTube the more you become and grow bigger. 

2: Bloglovin:

Bloglovin has thousands of bloggers using it and it expose you to brands this way you can earn commission but most importantly it allows you to post directly on bloglovin. if you like your site to bloglovin it will directly post on bloglovin whatever you publish on your site.

You get comments,likes and follow from bloggers who are interested in you and like what you do the more followers the more engagement and the more engagement you get the higher your chance of being seen by brands.

3: Quora:

Have you heard about this one? if you know Neil patel then you probably also know that Quora is one of his social media base,while starting out he used Quora before expanding into using YouTube etc.

One great quality about Quora is that, it allows you to add link ,so when you write you can add the link you want to use as reference and you get search engine traffic as you can link to your blog or to anything that you want.

Importantly,what you write can rank on google! you can also create a blog on quora like i did i created this blog here and i havent written a post for almost 3month but my previously written post on quora brings traffic to my site and link added.

The more you write the ore followers you get and views as well as huge traffic,honestly you all should check it out!

4: Disqus:

Just like the name it is a place where you have discussion about what interest you! Although i feel that on disqus there are few restriction which may limit you as a blogger but if you want something else then you should  go for Quora or any of the above listed. 

If you want to stay on disqus you need to be tough on the inside because my first time on disqus i posted something and i came back to check on it i only got hate messages (lol) you may have a different experience so dont be afraid to try it!

5: Snapchat:

why Snapchat? yes you can infact not only share your content on snapchat you can earn money from it! And i am not playing if you have huge audience and people added to your snapchat you can use that to your advantage and win the heart of the people watching your snaps. you dont even need too much of people on your snapchat, the little you have got you work with them.

ill be talking more about snapchat and how to use it to your advantage,make money of it,if you want to stay updated and not miss out on it ,Be a part of Duocharm family.

 subscribe now! (You get free blog planner)

Now that you know the social media that i use to grow my blog,you may want to read a post on How to use social media to build an audience! 

I am always open to new ideas,Tell me what you think about the social media that i listed and how any of them has helped you grow your blog. if you have any other social media to add you can tell me in the comment section. Lets engage in a conversation!

Lets start now!
                                             MY WISH LIST



           How to use social media to build an audience.

Having an audience is like having a community of people and you need an audience so that through your audience you can have /create a community of people . you will want to start to grow your audience because the more people you can reach organically or through your advertising, the better your sales or engagement will be.

What is the difference between an audience and a community? 

In a blog post davidspinks tell clearly the difference between : 

An audience : They’re all *listening* to you, but they don’t necessarily feel a common sense of belonging and shared identity with others who are also listening to you.

A community : people are contributing, not just listening. And therein lies the biggest value of community — you can empower people to contribute their ideas, support, promotion and content. 

Why do you need to build an audience?

  • You need to find your target audience
  • you need to have a community of people that are with you ride or die.
  • you need to reach out to more people
  • you need to establish an online authority
  • You need make money 

Every one looking out to make money which we know you do, needs an online presence to start and before you become an authority you need to have an audience. you need to have people listening to you, people reading etc  

The only way around building an audience is to use social media! 


If you are on instagram,twitter, facebook, pinterest, snapchat, etc and you have at least 100-300 people following you on each social media, that is an audience! sadly, it is a small audience.

To grow and to become and online authority you need to have thousands and millions of people listening to you from there you build a community of people.

let me give you an example,

Neil patel is known by thousands of people, that is an audience, but he has thousands of bloggers who are looking up to him, they are always eager to hear from him, what has he got for us this week? when will he be posting? etc He has a community of trusted readers and followers. He turned his audience into dedicated, trusted reader and followers.


Even if you don't have much audience work with the little you have they can help you grow larger and bigger. Nobody started big, everyone who is big started from one tiny little step!

Don't just read this post and do nothing, there is a blessing that comes with you listening to us and not just listening but doing what we say.

There are somethings that you need to know about building an audience with social media ,those are:
  • Choosing the right social media platform
  • Creating a Strong profile and page
  • Creating time for each social media platform 
  • Creating powerful and resourceful content
  • Sharing
Before starting out, there is something that we need to teach you to help you grow. 

STEP 1: 

Find a book or open your Microsoft word sheet |PS: you need to have a separate book where you plan out different things. If you want to have plans for social media you need to have a book or sheet for it and if it is blogging you need a separate book or sheet for it as well.
we just made it easier for you, we created a planner for you.

Download the planner(printable) to use to grow your social media audience

STEP 2: 
You can give it whatever title you want am giving mine "social media". Then,write down the  name of the social media, you can choose to do it separately in the vertical manner or all together horizontally like so 

STEP 3: 
create different groups to include :
  • Content
  • Time 
  • Share: Target community member & others includes pages

Don't forget to save your work!

Now if you have done that we will tell you how you can use that to plan your social media and grow your audience. Keep reading!

But before that, there are some important things we left out. You need to complete the basic steps first ........
There are tons of social media out there and since you are not God, you can't do all of them at the same time. And if you choose to you well good luck with that!

There are different social media that works best for different people, you just have to find out what works best for you, if you are a business man or woman hoping to have a huge audience for your business then you may want to consider starting with Facebook ,Twitter and LinkedIn. If you are a blogger you will need to start using Pinterest, twitter, Bloglovin, Facebook etc. 

Just find your 5 basic social media platform that works for you and work with them!

Narrow your social media number to maximum five (5) See the ones i use

When creating your profile or page there are some things you need to be mindful about, if you have these things right you will be able to to pull people towards you,people and brands will be attracted to you.

1:    Name:

The name that you use is very important, you don't want to confuse people with the        kind of name that you have . For example a name like "Health care enterprise"(huh) it is confusing how can there be "health care"-and then "enterprise" such names will confuse people and give out an unprofessional impression to your readers.

But look at this profile(favour_inspires) the name already gives you an idea on what her profile or page is about. It immediately tells you two things about the page

1:  That this page is about inspiration or motivation.
2: The person/owner behind it goes by the name Favour.

You don't have to pick a name having your name in it, it just have to tell your audience what you are going to be all about.

2:     Picture:

Everybody loves to look at a lovely picture and our profile pictures/cover photos is not exempted. 

The pictures you put up on your social media should represent you or in a way connect to what you are doing. you don't want to have the photo of a giraffe when your profile name says "James oil company" people will wonder what kind of business it is,or if you are starting a zoo.

If your name says "James oil company" your profile picture should be showing image of a refinery or a company building or something related.

3:     Profile:

This part cannot be left out, even if you have the right name, picture and you have it all wrong with your profile you have still failed.You need the three of them right before you can have a strong profile/page on your social media account.

You will need to edit your profile and Tell your audience about what you are about,your services and even a little story about how and why you started. 

You can make your profile fun,make it short and fun.So that they will have a reason to follow you.

If you have done this correctly then we can say that you have completed the first and basic step to your thousands of audience.


We will be making use of that table which i showed you to create in the beginning of this post.

The reason why i told you to create that was because if you do things randomly you may not see the result that you are expecting but if you strategically do it and keep up with it you will surely see the results that you want to see.

U.S.A,India,Nigeria all have different time so you have to find out what time works best in your country,you have to first try by posting at different times know when people engage more and when they dont. Do this constantly for 3-4 days you will find out what time works best.

Don't use the time for one social media for the rest of the social media. Twitter has a different time,facebook has its own, so you have to test it out on all different account that you have! Also have in mind that it changes so when the time you are working with stops producing result switch it up after testing out for few days.

Write it down l


Content is key! content is king!

 As a blogger or a business person your audience are after you and what you can offer ,your content must be able to provide solutions or solve problems. There is no audience without a content and every content has its unique audience.

Your followers are not after how your blog/site looks or how well designed it is,they are after you because of how good your content is and how it is directed at solving their problems and giving solutions as well.

If you are a blogger or just someone searching to grow your audience using social media these 3 tips will help you in creating powerful content and driving people to you!

il show you what your post on twitter,facebook ,blog etc need to look like when creating content but first read the important tips i have written below:

  1:    HEAD/TITLE:

When creating content you need to make your heading very catching,it should pull people towards you it should make them eager to read or want to know what it is about.

To use titles like "How to", "Learn how to", "10 ways,7way,my top 5 ways" All these titles draws people closer to you.

People will want to know what they need to do before 2018 runs out!


This is what carries the message,if your head/title is perfect it is enough to do the job of making people want to know more but if the body/content is rubbish it will drive people away from you,that when next you post they wont be interested in reading because they already know that your content is wack!(rubbish).

Don't make your content too short it should be at least 1000 words that is for times when you are lazy to write but when you are not try to write 2000-3000 word. Don't write 2000-3000 words full of nothing but talks let it meaning to whoever is reading it.

Be sure to write your heart out,give out useful information,communicate with them and connect with them.Be fun!

3: Conclusion/ending:

Whenever you are ending a post always leave out something that will make them hope to see you and read one of your post again. Don't just end it with bye,end it in a way that dont actually show the end.

EXAMPLE: " This is all i have for now,ild love you to tell me what you think about it,you can also tell me down the comment section what you have to add to it."

This way your readers know that it is ending,but will also comment because they know that you will reply (try your best to reply).


On instagram 


Once you have created it you will write that down the title of each post close to the social network .

In the table that we made in the very beginning we divide this part into two:

1:    Target audience member:
This includes people who are :

  • Active 
  • supportive by liking,commenting, etc
  • Re-post or retweet/share your post
  • who are likely to show support and love
  • Who are having same interest and huge followers

Once you have their names written down,you can share it to them,tagged them in it or send them a private message. You need to get them to notice you,if they do and they like what you do they will either mention you in a post,or re-post it!

2:    OTHERS:
This may includes anything else aside the target member like:

  • Groups
  • pages
  • Communities
  • forums etc

For each social media you will write down groups,pages etc that are related to what you are doing if you are not in any group or page etc Join them now! search for them and join

Example: if you are a fashion blogger search on facebook for groups ike bloggers connect,bloggers etc search for pages as well like and follow. if you are into buisness search for groups like business mind,etc 

If you have been following me this is how yours should look like so.

If your image looks right just like mine then you need to read on


  • Post content
  • post content on time and at the perfect time to drive engagement.
  • share it to your target audience and to others


Those three things should help you build an audience but this bonus tip will take you far and do a quicker job 

  • Post at least 3 times a day 
  • Use hashtag
  • Engage with other people eg like,comment,share
  • Promote your page,profile using ads e.g instagram ads ,twitter ads ,facebook ads etc 
That will be all for now guys! if you love this post please share it so your friends can see it and learn something from it! dont forget to comment down below what you think of this post,you can also share your  ideas and thoughts  with us!