10 most powerful social media that i use to grow my blog.

Social media! social media! social media! 

It is very powerful its like it has got some magic or some kind-off spirit that just draws people towards it.

ok, wait a minute! what i want to let you know may not work for you if there is something wrong with your blog. if everything about your blog is right then you can move on and continue reading. But if you feel that there is something you are not getting right with your blog,or something is off bout it

I suggest you read this first: GET IT RIGHT WITH YOUR BLOG! 

Read that first then you can move on to reading this.

if you have ever heard of social media,well i just dont know what your life looks like right now. if you have heard of it before you probably have registered yourself to one already.

if you haven't..........i dunno !

Everybody has been talking about social media and all and you think that they dont have a point? 

if you are not using social media,you may only be having 50 people on your blog every month,if you are reading this and you disagree with me ,just tell me what it is that i did wrong to you(lol) down the comment section.

I dont know how else to tell you but social media is so powerful that it can either bring about your downfall or your up-liftment. yeah! you heard me, if you use social media for the wrong reasons, you will fall and i mean you will go down hard! And i doubt you will be able to recover and get back up.But if it is for the right reason, then yeah! you will see positive result.

You can always learn how to use social media to build your audience and for the right reason. 

But you have a blog, and this blog is just hanging there and getting no progress at all and you want to step it up,you want to to see engagement and want to get views and all, there is one way to go about it and it is using the power of social media.

Ill be telling you the top 10 most powerful social media that i use, everybody grand-mother in the blogging world has and is still using.

We grouped it into two categories that is the 5 basic and 5 other!

                                                           THE 5 BASIC 

1: Facebook

This social media is bam! bam! bam! that is why it is first. ill tell anybody that ask me the same thing. Facebook has 2 Billion people ! and millions of people active in a day! yes you heard me well, it is not a million we talking billions! 

so it is no joke,the best way to make good use of facebook is by having or creating a page or a group.Having a page for your blog is very good and important because you can do promotions,get sales,get people to visit your blog. 

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2: Google +

You dont want to be playing with this social media,infact i just need only this app to get over 400 visitors to my blog and it also impact search engine ranking to my site! yes! that is why you need to be on it as well. some people say that it is boring and outdated but sweedy if outdated and boring is what will get you to rank,you better be rolling with it! 

3: Twitter:

Tweet! Tweet! Tweet! Everyone loves twitter ,and if you dont then you better start. i personally didn't like twitter but i realized i was missing a lot when i found out that twitter is basically the place where bloggers meet up,that is where you meet other bloggers of like mind as well.

if you using twitter already you probably already know that #hashtag is your way foward am starting to love it so  join in on the fun ! if you are a blogger or anyone else reading this we would love to connect with you on twitter.

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4: Instagram:

I love Instagram! And i know i your heart that you do! Instagram is so addictive in a positive and negative way it all depends on you and what you are looking for there . I love visuals and Instagram gives me lot of that but most importantly it allows your post get through to lot of people .

Gaining lots of followers on Instagram is not easy but you can do it if you put work to it i was able to get over 500 followers in one day and i am not telling you lies on this one.

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5: Pinterest:

You have read about it,bloggers have all been talking about it and you are convinced that it has got to be the hottest thing on the web. well you are correct. if you haven't heard about it or you haven't started using it ..........i wont say u have been sleeping under the rocks because i have been sleeping under the rocks as well i just woke up this year 2018!

Pinterest is like an online pinboard where you collect multimedia mostly images,it is a place where you can add your links and images .people like Pauline cabrera the owner of the blog Twelveskip get their major traffic from pinterest alone ! so join now before its too late !

But at least follow your girl ! My pinterest

                                                        THE 5 OTHER. 

1: Youtube:

Do you go on YouTube to search for things like why do you have acne on your face like me? yeah am sure you do! YouTube is a place where you go to and find answers to almost everything you searching for.

YouTube is powerful because most people connect with what they see! it is not so easy to convince people to do something but if you step it up by making videos and uploading it on YouTube it will be easier to make people list to you<and convince them to take an action.

why is it so? Because most of them are there for the money,few of them are there to share good and useful information,the rest of them are there for all the wrong reasons. YouTube pays well but also it is a place where you can find people to connect with,people who inspire or offer you something valuable.

Many bloggers are on YouTube but some bloggers are just starting out on YouTube! they are starting to use YouTube because they now know how powerful YouTube can be! as you use YouTube the more you become and grow bigger. 

2: Bloglovin:

Bloglovin has thousands of bloggers using it and it expose you to brands this way you can earn commission but most importantly it allows you to post directly on bloglovin. if you like your site to bloglovin it will directly post on bloglovin whatever you publish on your site.

You get comments,likes and follow from bloggers who are interested in you and like what you do the more followers the more engagement and the more engagement you get the higher your chance of being seen by brands.

3: Quora:

Have you heard about this one? if you know Neil patel then you probably also know that Quora is one of his social media base,while starting out he used Quora before expanding into using YouTube etc.

One great quality about Quora is that, it allows you to add link ,so when you write you can add the link you want to use as reference and you get search engine traffic as well.so you can link to your blog or to anything that you want.

Importantly,what you write can rank on google! you can also create a blog on quora like i did i created this blog here and i havent written a post for almost 3month but my previously written post on quora brings traffic to my site and link added.

The more you write the ore followers you get and views as well as huge traffic,honestly you all should check it out!

4: Disqus:

Just like the name it is a place where you have discussion about what interest you! Although i feel that on disqus there are few restriction which may limit you as a blogger but if you want something else then you should  go for Quora or any of the above listed. 

If you want to stay on disqus you need to be tough on the inside because my first time on disqus i posted something and i came back to check on it i only got hate messages (lol) you may have a different experience so dont be afraid to try it!

5: Snapchat:

why Snapchat? yes you can infact not only share your content on snapchat you can earn money from it! And i am not playing if you have huge audience and people added to your snapchat you can use that to your advantage and win the heart of the people watching your snaps. you dont even need too much of people on your snapchat, the little you have got you work with them.

ill be talking more about snapchat and how to use it to your advantage,make money of it,if you want to stay updated and not miss out on it ,Be a part of Duocharm family.

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Now that you know the social media that i use to grow my blog,you may want to read a post on How to use social media to build an audience! 

I am always open to new ideas,Tell me what you think about the social media that i listed and how any of them has helped you grow your blog. if you have any other social media to add you can tell me in the comment section. Lets engage in a conversation!

Lets start now!

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