I admit! 

I am scared and shy! but i just need to do it!

There is something i have been wanting to tell you guys! il tell you first before moving ahead!

I have never been so scared of taking pictures except that today i was! I am a person who cares alot about how i look,how people see me. i worry to much about what others think of me and forget that i need to first love myself before others can learn to love me the way i am!

I was always scared of coming out in the open but i guess i have no choose. I met someone named Kerona when i came across a blog post on her blog where she wrote about her struggle with life and what living life with only one kidney feels like, i saw the way she lived her life,keeping it simple and being unique in her own way.

I reached out to her,I talked to her about how hard it is for me to come out in the open and she told me that i just have to start ! No matter how bad ,ugly or unprofessional i just have to start! 

So i got up early this morning and decided that i was just going to start! I dont care if its ugly,bad or unprofessional il start anyways. That is where this idea came from! The idea of creating this different looks.

Please dont judge me !🙈


Its a very simple style i created.


  1. Denim jacket
  2. orange tee
  3. black jeans 
  4. sneaker
Thats all, just 4 items!


The title says it all! Here all you have to do is keep it nice and simple! Whatever kind of shirt you want to use or jean you want to wear, you just need it to look simple and still beautiful. You can wear this anywhere you want. But not really a good idea to wear such for parties or big occasion!


 Another cool way to do this baby! You can tuck it in the front a little, and let the back be you can also put a denim jacket over this. if you want to, can put it on or just leave it over your shoulders. whichever way does the magic,go with it!


If you can tuck it in front,Why cant you tuck it at the side? Makes sense to you huh? well yeah! you can still loosely tuck it in by the side,you can choose whatever side,left or right is up to you. Anyway you do it it will still look gorgeous on you trust me.


I know i styled this wrongly but right at the same time the right way........??? Didn't make sense right? (lol) Anyways am trying to say that this look needs a little more to it and i noticed it after taking the pictures. Its a belt!

I forgot to use a belt with this look but i still think you can create use this look with or without a belt but if you try it and you think a belt will be better off then cool! you can go ahead do it your way you can use a small belt or a bold one. its your decision.


Trust me i didn't know what to name this look, i just came up with the "be sexy look" and i think that its whats perfect to name it. I do admit that this look is sexy! it fits perfectly!

You can tie this at any side you like right,left or center it should still make you look sweet and hot! you can be wear a jacket with it as well! 


I talked about the denim,denim, denim and forgot that there was no look created with me having the denim look! Here is one!

PS:This particular picture is not edited ,so i dont look good but its all about transparency right? you all should see me clear and without makeup🙈🙈 

You can shop for this look here! 

Well thats it! Am done and over with it! How do you like the way i created different looks using few items? Tell me what you think of my look!