This is not true! oh yes it is sweedy! we went from zero to growth! And we am still growing!

we seriously started this blog on the on the 25th of this month! so it isn't even one month yet but lets just say it is because it'l will be soon. 

we got over 10 thousand page-views in less than a month of blogging and it is not like we did it on my own,or like i have the power to do it on my own it is because i have God and you guys! It was possible for those to reasons and i am grateful to you all for helping me get this far!

To celebrate this Good happening i will be giving out free blog planner to those of you interested!


Before some people think that i am lying, or maybe this post is just to get people to come to my site, i want to first say that everything i will be saying here is the truth and it is going to have proof to back up my story. But before that we need to talk some real S**t!

I did not fly all the way from 0-10k in one hour/day! Nobody has, so that means you also cant! Am sorry if that hurts but its the truth! i only love to tell the bitter truth. You cant go to school and get an A+ in your first day of school! it is never possible! you need to first go to school,study hard,take test and exams,then you can get an A+. It is the same for blogging.

I worked very hard to get 10k views it didnt happen in one day, it took me time before i started seeing results!

This is proof !


well, i started. started what? My blog. if you are reading this maybe you stumbled upon this post and you dont even have a blog, m just thinking, how do you want to get page views when you dont even have a blog?

You need to have a Blog and not just having your blog you need to get everything right with your blog. When you have done all of this only then will people start coming to your site and then they will start to engage and before you know it your page view will increase drastically.

If you just come across this and maybe you are thinking of starting your own blog, then you have no need to worry because i have written a full post that will teach you how to start your own blog even if you are broke and dont have money!

Now if you are going to start your own blog on either bloggers (free) then dont even start your blog then because the real deal begins when you host your site! If you are self hosted then you will have control over your blog and also be in charge of SEO! Because SEO is what gives you the traffic that you dream of! 

You need to be self -hosted to go far! To get loads of traffic being self-hosted means you get the traffic you want!I highly recommend Bluehost. Everybody and their fathers are hosted with Bluehost! I am not being biased here,remember all i do here is being transparent! But bluehost is just the best,you wont know what we are talking about until you are hosted with them.

If you already have a blog and you are not getting the same result as me or even better than me then it is not your blog that is at fault it is clearly you! 

Why me? it is because you have failed to the right thing that will help you grow your blog!


You need to ask yourself a few questions and you need to find answers to them as well

i made you a free checklist! This will keep you going and help you so that you can see the same result.

Download Your Free Checklist For Blog

That checklist i made has everything you need to have right before you can have the same result am having!

What i did! 

This brings us back to social media!

I wrote a full blog post about this! and i dont know how else to make people see that everything you are looking for, from starting your blog,making 30,000$ to Getting massive traffic from your blog is through social media!

You dont have to use every social media out there. Its not even possible to use all of them because there are so many social media out there and you cant achieve great result if you are confused. Choose atleast 5-10 social media and work constantly with them.

If you dont know what social media is best for you you dont have to worry : See the 10 social media that i use to grow my blog! You can see what i use and maybe decide which one you would love to start using and if you already have social media that you are using that isn't listed there ild love to know ! I dont want to be missing out! 

One thing is to find the right social media another thing is to be able to use social media to build an audience and drive traffic to your blog You need the two to be able to make it work! And if you do this two right you will get more results!

Facebook Groups:
This is so so efficient,you just need to post based on the thread and reciprocate for others to do the same for your own post. Are you confused? well i just really cant tell you what its all about But some of you understand what am talking about. This is what i do to get most of the traffic you see!

The best part of joining this groups is that they are filled with bloggers of all kind and this bloggers are most supportive people that you can find. They support you by sharing your post,commenting and also recommending you to brands.

Join the Badass Blog Squad Group that i created! Promote your blog there,find bloggers that are ready to collaborate with you and find brands! 

Pinterest Boards Group:
To tell you the truth, i have been living under the rock for two years! Can you imagine that i created my Pinterest account 2 years ago and from then till last month i had only 4 followers! It is not until recently that i started working hard to gain followers and i gain over a 100 followers in 1 month! I was only able to do it with the help of Pinterest board!

I joined several Pinterest board that is related to my blog topics and i Repinned my pins to this board and most people repined it ! that is how i was also able to gain so much!

Am thinking of creating a pinterest board, what do you guys think ? tell me in the comment section what you think and if you would be interested in joining.

There isnt much to it! All the secret tips i have just told u: The secret is social media!

When i publish my post i post them on my social media account then go over to posting them on facebook groups and Pinterest board groups!

Thats it guys! That my secret try it for a week and come back nd tell me what you think! if it worked for you!