yeah! we got accepted by google adsense and we are happy about it! 

Some of you will be like so what? but you have no idea how much this means to me! 

we recently got accepted by adsense and we did not get accepted because it was easy to, it just God who loves me and showed me mercy !🤩🤩🤩 

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we know many people who till today have not gotten accepted by google adsense yet and they are bloggers for 2-3 years!

Hold on! before we moved into the main thing of what we did to get accepted by google adsense, there is something we didn't tell you . we got rejected by Google adsense 5 times! we mean like 5 disgusting,annoying times!

When we got rejected by google, we really lost hope! we were so angry and frustrated that we both wanted to just give the whole thing up! At that point we questioned ourselves, we asked ourselves silly stupid question that we both had no answers to.

But you know what?

We even started to question if we were doing things right. we even thought that our contents were one of the reasons why we weren't being accepted. But its a lie .

To get accepted by google adsense you need to have a blog! Because you need a blog in order to apply for google adsense if you don't have a blog well you need to create one for yourself!

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But there is one question... why did we still get rejected by google adsense even after starting my blog? we'll answer that, keep reading!

Anybody can start a blog, but our advice to you is don't start it if you are not passionate about it and do not start it simply because you want to get accepted by google or because you want to make money .. please dont because you will be trashed!🙊

Our site looked like shit then so google looked at it and was like "trash her" we were trashed 5 times!

If you do not want to be trashed,you need to make some corrections to your blog just like we did and next time google comes around they would send you that long awaited mail you've been waiting for!

>Get your blog right!:

we wrote a blog post about this, why do you think we did that? we did it because no matter what you do if your blog looks like shit, you wont get accepted.

"But some people have shitty blog get accepted"? yes its true. some people with shitty blog get accepted by adsense and if they did get accepted then it is luck!

But what if my blog is right? Then its has got to be some other reasons!

There's a bog post that can answer that question. we put up a blog post about it so you should go and check that out!

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Getting your blog right includes a lot of thing, when we applied for google adsense we didn't have a domain and we could not even afford host it but we just had to manage that.

>Get Yourself A Domain And Be Self Hosted:

You might be asking yourself "Can I not just apply for google adsense without doing all of the hosting and domain stuff? yeah you can but you may end up getting rejected after waiting for over 3-5 months! if you start a blog, you need to have been blogging for at least 6 months before you can be accepted by google adsense.

So that means you will blog for 6 months straight without earning any penny except of course you plan on earning from other source like affiliate marketing and all.If you have a domain and you are self hosted the whole thing takes less than a month! 

We launched my blog on the 25th of January 2018, we applied two days after launching my blog, and on the 6th of February we got accepted by Google adsense so it took google 2 weeks! and we got accepted! For some people it works faster it doesn't even take 2 days!

Once you get your domain and your site hosted you can now apply and also pray, We got our own domain and also hosting Bluehost . we have never for one day had regrets about this! Getting our domain was wonderful but hosting our domain with Bluehost was AMAZING!

You can just get a domain and still apply! If you have only a domain you will need it connect it with your free-hosted site and then apply! Once you apply you will get accepted in due time!

You will need to search if your domain have been taken : you can search for it here!

You Need Content: You will need to have contents not much content but you can have like 5-10 contents on your site . Don't kill yourself over it! because if you have a domain and you are hosted it really doesn't count . But you can not take the risk because someone might have contents on their site and get accepted and you may not! so it all depends just don't be a risk-taker.... just have contents!

Do you need to have privacy policy and disclaimer?

Well as for that one we really don't know how that works but as for what worked for us we did not have to write any of those on our site! we honestly think that the privacy policy thing does not count as their first-hand degree criteria in accepting blog sites for google adsense. If you know what we mean. But what's important is that you include some sorta disclaimer on post that contains affiliate link like we did.

You can always google and find answers regarding this. For us, we didn't have one and we really don't think its necessary for approval by google adsense.
>Add pages:

You need to have pages on your site. we mean pages like your about me, contact me, etc Google looks at this and its very important because google wants to know who you and what your blog or business is all about.

Avoid other ad network!:

While waiting for adsense to accept your site. you don't want to be using other ads network, if google adsense comes around and finds out that you are using other ads network they will most likely not accept you! So if you want to get accepted just save yourself the stress by not working with other ads network.

This is what we did to get accepted by google adsense!

Well, this will be all for today! we would love to know what your story is! How hard was it for you to get accepted by google adsense? Do you have a tip to share with others well tell us all in the comment section!